{WISH LIST} #6 Jewelry Edition! Cuz Every Girl Needs Her Sparklies. . . .

This week, I am all about JEWELRY! I've noticed some of my favorite earrings are starting to disappear, fall apart, etc so I have been searching Etsy for some possible new stuff and found these wonderful items. I normally only wear earrings but I'm trying to branch out into the necklace, rings, and bracelets world. Every single one of these shops offers a lot of amazing pieces, so it was quite hard to pick just one. Normally, I do commentary on each of the items but I really feel each of these items really speak for themselves.

Any one of these items would make a girl look like a million buckaroos - I promise.

Small Gold Filigree w/Emeralf Green Teadrops by Dear Georgette

The Goldfish Necklace by Bugga

Raspberry Brown and Chocolate Spiky Feather Earrings

Beauty In The Lens

Silver Tweeting Birds On A Branch by Bojangles Jewelry

Rainbow Ring by Leela Bijou

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream True Love Brass Cuff by Jezebel Charms

Royalty Necklace by Oh Mandie

Luxe Red Briolette Lariat Necklace by Le Collezione

{PHOTOS} Cocoa Village: A Photo-Journey Around Town

My wonderful husband bought me a five year anniversary gift, a Nikon D3100, and I was just itching to get out and take some pictures. I'll admit, I was nervous because as I was driving home the sun was fading fast and I have never had a camera that was good at taking shots at night. I shouldn't have been nervous, because taking pictures with this camera was like upgrading from a Pinto to a Cadillac. Every command, every manual change I made, it listened and didn't try to "automate" me to death like my past cameras. Here's the results of my first walkabout with the camera. I wandered "Cocoa Village" in Cocoa, FL, a wonderful neighborhood of restaurants, stores, bars, and even apartments all right along the riverfront.

I would love to hear which ones are your favorites!

{FUN STUFF} I am a Perpetual Kid

I have to be honest, I have been putting together my Christmas list for a couple months now. You know, a little item here, a bigger item there, a REALLY big item over there, and so on. So, I was wandering around the internet, as I have a tendency to do when I want  to avoid actually doing the dishes, sweeping, etc and found this site, Perpetual Kid: Entertain Your Inner Child, and I was immediately intrigued. I am such a kid at heart and anything silly or fun that makes me laugh is always a winner. So, here's the top items I found on here that I think would be just AWESOME and make anyone's day a little brighter.

 I'll admit it, I say this phrase a lot and my husband ALWAYS looks at me like I am insane. 
It prevents me from having a worse sailor mouth than I already have.

Watch out, or I might sick my ninja cookie on you.

Perfect for Florida since we never even get a chance to make a Frosty the snowman. I am sad now.

No normal snuggie would do for this gal, so a sesame street character? Oh, yeah!

Anyone who knows me well has seen me with many notes written on my hands, otherwise I WILL forget. Now with this, I would have an awesome template to work off of but it would have to be the back of my hand because on my palm I wouldn't see it and would still forget.

There are so many more awesome things on this site. You should check it out!

{PHOTOS} NASA's Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad

I've been prepping for a major festival for this weekend and it finally motivated me to really get into my "stock" photos and edit (FINALLY!). I just wanted to share some photos that I have let sit around unedited for quite a while. Bad, bad, bad, I know! Finally, some photos I have of the NASA shuttles' Atlantis & Endeavour, as well as some of the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center.


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