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I've been working for weeks on a new portfolio website as well as upgrading my blog. To do this, I had to move it to a new blog hosting site. So, to continue following my work and my ADVENTURES, please visit my new portfolio or blog.  This links to everything -  subscribe via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, RSS ...... All the usual suspects!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for the NEW BLOG!  

{PHOTO} Times Square At Cool Dusk

We hit up Times Square towards the end of a long day of walking and I was hoping to catch it before it got dark. I wanted to try for some different light than what I usually see of the images in Times Square, i.e. night time where the neon can be almost overwhelming. It's so nice to see the walking only areas with the little tables and chairs for everyone to relax. It wasn't too crowded, which was nice, but by this point I was so very exhausted and so very hungry, that we didn't stay long. So, I took a couple quick shots, looked at my exhausted husband, and said "Let's go eat".

I knew better than to push this tired & hungry man beyond his limit - PLUS not much later after this we boarded our flight to London.

{PHOTO} I'll Stand In The Middle Of The Road In NYC

Just a warning to everyone - I will be sharing a lot of photos of NYC and London over the next coming weeks/months. I was thinking rather than saving a huge batch of photos at a time, I would just post them as I edit them. This means more posts, more often, but then I am not just sitting on these pictures and can share them right when I am excited and stoked (yes, I use the word stoked - and I use it often).

As some background, at the beginning of December hubby and I went to New York City and, unbeknownst to me, this was a detour on our way to London. When we arrived in NYC, we started planning our next day, to which hubby kept adding more and more things to do - in one day! I was getting nervous at how our relaxing vacation was becoming seriously jam packed (little did I know the next day he would tell me we were flying to London.......more about that later). After planning, we went out to grab some food and hubby noted on our way back to the hotel I should try to grab our street view of the Empire State Building all lit up at night. I couldn't get a good angle from the safety of the sidewalk, so I ran into the middle of the road, looking both ways of course, and took several quick shots before running back to avoid getting run over.

To the pro's - I know this is grainy. I know the lights are a bit overblown. I know the framing isn't dead on and despite my best efforts the buildings still look slightly askew, BUT I really like this. I like the feeling. I like the not perfectness, the rush it conveys.

I also like knowing I had to stand in the middle of a street in NYC, with traffic, to try and capture a memory.

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{PHOTOS} Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle Atlantis' Wheelstop

After the final shuttle flight, STS-135, NASA's Kennedy Space Center held an event for the employees to personally say goodbye to Atlantis, the final shuttle to be launched, and the program itself. They worked to make it really special by including food, take home memorabilia, and the opportunity to see Atlantis much closer than is normal. After this, the process of decommissioning the shuttle and readying it for display at Kennedy Space Center's Visitor Complex began. You can see pictures of this process here at Florida Today.

If you'd like to see more of my photos of Kennedy Space Center, feel free to visit my portfolio site.

{PHOTOS} Under the Sea at the New England Aquarium

In July, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Boston, Massachusetts. We were attending a wedding nearby in Maine so it was a great time for me to (finally!) visit Boston. You know how most people have that one place they have always wanted to visit? For me, the one place in the USA I had dreamt of visiting since I was a kid was Boston. I don't know if it was the history, having family in Massachusetts, or the wonderful images of old buildings and city life I had always looked at but something about it really sparked my interest.

The good news is - Boston did not disappoint. I fell in love and it was very difficult convincing me to leave.

We were lucky and got to meet up with my cousin and her two sons one of the days we were there. I couldn't remember having visited an aquarium before, so we hit up the New England Aquarium to spend some quality time together. I had a lot of fun getting pictures. I hope you enjoy them as well!

I have picked my personal favorites, but if you'd like to see them all, head on over to my NEW portfolio website (yup - a NEW one) where you can also see all of the pictures without watermarking. The intention is this will contain my entire portfolio. I will keep my Etsy account as well, but this provides a much more visually appealing way to see my current and past photos. It's still a work in progress - so if you spy any dead-ends or anything seems wonky, feel free to let me know ( Plus, keep checking back as I will be continually adding new photos (or oldies but goodies).

{PORTRAIT} Rain, Rain, Go Away - Arnold Portrait Session

When I left my house to meet up with the Arnold family, the sky was blue and there were SOME clouds in the sky to the East but nothing to worry about. Then, as I turned West and got closer to the shooting location, it looked like this one black rain cloud had decided it would hang out over our shooting location and dump rain. At one point, while I was sitting at the park (where I had arrived early to get set up), it just poured and I couldn't even see through my windshield. I debated about calling the Arnold's and cancelling because who would want pictures in the rain for their Christmas card portraits? I understand rain can make for creative pictures - but not when it's for Christmas card portraits!

I decided to wait it out (and I kept forcing the weather application on my phone to update to ease my concern) and this one black rain cloud FINALLY passed. It was a little gray afterward but there was blue behind it and I thought "I can work with this but will THEY be ok with it?" The ground was wet and this meant wet knees, humid/sticky air (it's Florida) and wet doggies (oh yeah, I didn't mention we also had two dogs, right?).

Luckily, Barbara and Ryan were cool, calm, and collected and the pictures came out fantastically! Not one complaint about the humidity or the wetness and everyone really pulled together to make this a fun session. Once they had a chance to get over the initial excitement of being at the park, Bailey and Emma posed like princesses and never once hesitated to give hugs or kisses. What a great pair!

Now, enough blabbering and enjoy the pictures!


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