About Me

I like to think I am a pretty good mix of fantabulous with a strong dose of redunkulous.  I subscribe to too many wonderful blogs/podcasts/magazines & am convinced I will read them all to ensure maximum knowledge & inspiration.
Oh, did I mention I adore reading anything I can get my hands on? 

I wander around life with camera in tow learning more about photography every day.  It is my world & passion – of course second place to my darling husband & dogs. 

I live in Merritt Island, FL where the shuttles go up, Disney is pretty close (big fan!), & beautiful water view sunrise/sunsets are a daily thing. Want to read something awesome? Then read this AMAZING storyabout my dog that disappeared for four years and then came home.

I am a professional photographer specializing in artistic photography, family photos, event documentation, and more!

E-mail: AspiringImagesbyRachel {@} gmail.com


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