Walking The Courtyard - Loews Portofino Bay, Orlando FL

 I have been doing a lot of clean up of my photos and trying to see what needs to stay/go and came across this wonderful photo - already watermarked and ready to go! I have no idea how I never shared this before as it really appeals to me. Something about the wonderful golden background, with the patterns up high, contrasting against the shadows in the foreground and the darkness of the gentleman walking up this hallway is enchanting for me.

This was taken at the Loews Portofino Bay hotel in Orlando, FL. They had this lovely interior hallway leading to their restrooms and multiple conference rooms. I loved how they took the time to decorate it like an outdoor Italian courtyard, even though it was entirely inside!

Diamond Island, Maine - Shadows On The Dock

 Recently, hubby and I were honored to be guests at a dream destination wedding in Maine. It was intimate and beautiful - full of everything you see in wedding magazines and the joy of seeing your closest friends getting married and meeting everyone close in their lives. The location provided for a beautiful backdrop. Even the dock while waiting for the ferry made for lovely eye candy! Here's one of my favorite shots from the wedding.

This is the view from Great Diamond Island looking out to Portland, Maine at approximately 11PM.


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