{PHOTOS} Baby! Graison Alexandra

While in Miami for Thanksgiving, my girlfriend Jodi came over with her baby girl, Graison Alexandra, so I could meet her for the first time. 

So tiny! So cute! 

It was just too much and I couldn't resist bringing out the camera and snapping some pictures of her at just over two months old. We were outside in the dark with only the interior house lights and a yellow porch light to help us out but I think no matter what the lighting, Graison would look beautiful. She was a natural model for me.

{FAMILY} A Little Late, But Here's Thanksgiving

Like everyone else, things got very hectic those last couple of months of 2010 and I am now working to tunnel my way out of the avalanche of  things I SHOULD have done (like housework, ahem) so I could do the things I found to be more FUN.

We spent Thanksgiving in Miami. It wasn't the original plan but, unfortunately, my husband's grandmother passed away and we went down there to be with the family, attend her funeral, and also have Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful weekend, despite the sadness of losing Oma, and there were good memories made.

Oma would have been so happy to see everyone together. 


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