{WISH LIST} #6 Jewelry Edition! Cuz Every Girl Needs Her Sparklies. . . .

This week, I am all about JEWELRY! I've noticed some of my favorite earrings are starting to disappear, fall apart, etc so I have been searching Etsy for some possible new stuff and found these wonderful items. I normally only wear earrings but I'm trying to branch out into the necklace, rings, and bracelets world. Every single one of these shops offers a lot of amazing pieces, so it was quite hard to pick just one. Normally, I do commentary on each of the items but I really feel each of these items really speak for themselves.

Any one of these items would make a girl look like a million buckaroos - I promise.

Small Gold Filigree w/Emeralf Green Teadrops by Dear Georgette

The Goldfish Necklace by Bugga

Raspberry Brown and Chocolate Spiky Feather Earrings

Beauty In The Lens

Silver Tweeting Birds On A Branch by Bojangles Jewelry

Rainbow Ring by Leela Bijou

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream True Love Brass Cuff by Jezebel Charms

Royalty Necklace by Oh Mandie

Luxe Red Briolette Lariat Necklace by Le Collezione


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