{NEW} It's Here! It's Here! New Blog!

So VERY excited after several days of tweaking and moving and reconsidering and hemming and hawwing and asking everyone to look and then changing it again. . . . .

I have redesigned the blog!

** Fireworks Boom In The Distance - Cannons Blow - A Parade Begins**

I also finalized my new logo, which you will now see appearing on my Blog Head/Facebook/Twitter, and all my other areas I am posting my photography.  

I am so excited about this that I will be offering a sale on my prints later this week. Stay tuned for the coupon code - it will be posted exclusively on my Facebook page.
(Haven't "Liked" it already? Head on over now!)

P.S. If you're wandering around and find something looking wonky, please let me know and I will fix it.
I thought I got everything, but you never know, do ya?


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