{WISH LIST WEDNESDAY} #3 Dahling, I Want It ALL. . . .

Here's my round up of the top TEN* awesome items I have found this week.

This reminds me so much of where I grew up. It has the "hand of God" on the end, meant to ward off the evil eye, the bearer of bad luck. It's not only beautiful but also serves a helpful purpose.

Ginger Lemon Massage Bar (Soap) by Dennis Anderson

Multi-purpose = Awesome. A soap that also massages? Yes, please! Sign me up. His shop also features some room sprays I am very interested in trying. In all honesty, there's lots of goodiesin this shop that I want to try.

Small White Pitcher by Melanie Caskey

Melanie is very talented with the pottery she makes. I love the coloring she chooses as it lends to a very natural tone and almost aged as well. This pitcher really struck me in its simplicity (no handle!) and style.

Coffee Cozzee Romance Bustier Corset by Melissa Hewitt

What a great way to be green, not burn your fingerprints off, and still enjoy your cuppa Joe. I love this because it is red and black(YES!) but she has plenty of other styles and material to choose from.

Art Print Letterpress Ellie's World by Sweet Harvey LLC

Uh, can't we all relate?!?

Hot Pink Multi Cowl/Collar/Scarflette by Arriving in Style

This looks so incredibly soft and I just want to touch it so badly. Even better, having something like this to keep your neck warm, yet reduce the bulk of a full length scarf, is a great idea. There are other photos in the link that display multiple ways to wear it. Yay for versatility!
Cinnamon Fingerless Gloves by Ebruk

How about some wonderfully warm gloves to go with the scarflette? I know I live in FL and it's insane to think winter, but I still love these and would use them in a snow-man's heart beat.

Can you believe this is handmade?!? The two tone material is just gorgeous and I absolutely adore the pleating. Anyone wearing this would just feel like such a princess. Isn't that what we always want to feel like, right ladies?

Aaahhhhhhh! Cutie patootie monster finger puppets!! Come on - they're scary yet melt your heart cute. You know you love their monster selves. I know any kid would love these guys.

Design Your Own Pouch/Make Up Bag, etc by Tootsweet

You know you've gone to the store looking for EXACTLY the right make up bag and just not finding the right one, so you end up settling. How about having the chance to design it yourself? Do I hear a "Yes, please"? Then check these out.

*And a BONUS! (because apparently I miscounted but just couldn't leave this out)
Organic Soy Baby Wash Cloths 5 Pack by Sweet Memories Quilts

Machine washable, handmade, 100% organic cotton and soy, and terry on one side while smooth on the other. All of these things add up to practical, responsible, safe, and just so darn wonderful. It doesn't just have to be for baby - because maybe you have sensitive skin like me - so pamper yourself as well with such a soft wonderful wash cloth.


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