{WISH LIST WEDNESDAY} #1 You Kidding? Fill 'Er Up!

I thought I'd begin a Wednesday tradition of showing the coolest "I want it, want it, want it, puh-lease" items I have been finding while trolling the internet. Mostly, they will come from Etsy, but there are some other random finds out there. Everything here inspires awe in me at the amount of talent and creativity out there in the world. Can you believe people made these items all with their own hands?!? Awesome.

Now, time to spread the love.

angel with heart - ONE handpainted watercolor notecard
Angel With Heart, handpainted watercolor notecard, by Happy Day Studio

Isn't she just the most precious little thing? I worked with this artist on a custom item, although I can't feature it here because it is a SURPRISE for someone else, and it turned out wonderfully.
Geisha Gem Purse Hook - Aquarium - A Handcut Glass and Japanese Chiyogami Purse or Bag Hanger - Foldable. Portable. Adorable.
Geisha Gem Purse Hook "Aquarium" by GamiWorks
So practical and I love that she offers multiple choices on the paper you can have featured in the purse hook, so you can make it "individual" to you. I love these little fishies.
I cannot believe these are handmade. Her other items are absolutely beautiful as well - coming all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia.
You're Cooler Than a Mixed Tape Note Cards (set of 8)
You're Cooler Than a Mixed Tape Note Cards (set of 8) by Dawn Correspondence

I can totally remember sitting by my radio for hours waiting for the perfect song to be played so I could record it and get my mixed tape together of my favorite songs. This card puts it perfectly.

GORGEOUS Petti Tutu Pettitutu For Baby or Toddler FULL dress Many Colors To Choose From... Up To 24 Months
Petti Tutu Pettitutu For Baby or Toddler by Teddy's Tiny TutusCome on, do I really have to say anything. Doesn't this just melt your heart?!?
hey little mister tie and suspenders applique on american apparel cotton tee
Hey Little Mister Tie and Suspenders Applique on American Apparel Cotton Tee by Mimi Loves Sookie

Gotta represent the boys ! Little Man can now have his own fancy tee. Can you imagine a matching dad and son shirt set? I think it sounds awesome but I wonder if dad would feel the same.

Tiffany Inspired Jewelry Box Swarovski Earrings
Tiffany Inspired Jewelry Box Swarovski Earrings by A Bead On A Wire

They look like beautiful gifts boxes for your ears. I think the hearts at the bottom are a really nice detail.

I love tea, although I have never tried loose leaf tea. I would love to start with this - the blend sounds really yummy with green tea, dandelion root, ginger root, fennel, wild yam, sage, and spearmint. If it helps me lose some weight or get my metabolism going - ALL THE BETTER!

DOG WASH Naturally Deodorizing and Insect Repelling Pet Shampoo
Dog Wash Naturally Deodorizing and Insect Repelling Pet Shampoo by B.Noel Aromatics

My little pug is allergic to everything. He even eats Vegan dog food. I think this is a fantastic idea, especially since dogs are so much more sensitive to certain smells and when we douse them in chemicals, I would imagine it's bothersome.

Well, that's all for this week. Hope this was some good window (OR REAL) shopping for you.

Ladybugs as coasters? Perfect! She also does other coaster shapes and all are really cool.


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