{ABOUT ME} What's My Style??

Every time I visit a photo site/blog, the question that always seems to pop into my brain is "What is my photography style"? I look at these amazing photos and I quickly see a consistency in them, a look, that I immediately attribute to the photographer's "style". I then ask myself "what is MY style" but every inch of me wants to avoid the question, so it just kind of bounces around my head for awhile and then I wrestle it back into some tiny drawer, tuck it away, and just let myself enjoy whatever I am looking at.

Recently, I was asked this question by a well-intentioned person and I struggled to come up with an immediate answer. The only thing I could stammer out was "colorful?" (while shrugging my shoulders and kicking the non-existent dirt with my shoe). I responded like I was confused, ashamed, guessing, and also like I felt I was giving the wrong answer. Well, duh - my style is MY STYLE. So why am I confused? I think it's because what I see is instinctual. It comes straight from inside and is so natural that I don't know the categories to process it into. I should probably learn, so when it comes time to give a textbook written response I won't yammer away like a parrot. I also get nervous because I see all these amazing artists out there who are just so sure of their "style" and seem to quickly and neatly throw it all into these lovely categories, with some possible sub-categories to boot.

So, let's go back to this "colorful" answer I gave. I think this answer truly deserves some merit because it was the very first thing that came to my mind. I will admit, my entire life I have always been drawn to really bright, fun, primary colors. Ask my college roommate, Emily, who endured my party-store Tropical themed decoration, with the main colors being bright pink, bright green, and bright yellow. Wow - that was fun on the eyes at 7 A.M. My wedding is another good example, with the colors being red, orange, and yellow. Most people I told this to, prior to the wedding, would look at me with fear in their eyes and say "Oh, that's nice". My greatest satisfaction came when those same people kept telling me after the wedding how beautiful the colors were. I really really like COLOR. It only makes sense that this craving for color would make its way into my photography

I admit, when I look at other people's photos online, if there's a bunch of thumbnails the one with the most captivating colors is the first one I will open. I am naturally drawn to those photos and my heart just soars when the colors in a photo envelope my eye and brain. Don't get me wrong, I also really appreciate a well done black and white photograph. I, personally, have not been able to trust my black/white photography eye and I can honestly say I haven't really given it the ol' college try, so that is definitely a someday goal. So, I apparently know more about my "style" than I originally thought. I still need to sit down more and really give this some further thought outside the scope of "colorful", but I definitely am off on a great start. I just need to stop getting myself mentally twisted based off the awe other photographers photos inspire in me.

Classic Rachel, I need to remind myself to take this one baby step at a time and stop getting lost in the overall goal. What's that saying again? Oh yeah, one day at a time.


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