{PHOTO} Step Back - Take a Minute (or Two Years) - Then Finish

Have you ever worked on something and no matter what you do, it just doesn't look right? In fact, the more you keep trying, the worse it looks? This photo was like that for me. To be honest, I took this photo almost two years ago and made several attempts to crop it, tone it, do whatever I could to make it right - and yet not change it so severely from what I originally captured I would consider the new pic results "cheating" - and nothing seemed "right". So, I opened it again today - who knows why - and decided to have at it.

This was taken while standing in the lobby of a hotel in Huntsville, Alabama while the sun was setting. I was walking to the lobby to get one of their free cookies (YUM!) and stopped in my tracks at this beautiful color coming through the glass doors. 

Enough chatter - here's the shot. I would love to hear everyone's feedback.


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